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During my early rugby playing career I suffered a fracture to L5 – S1 vertebrae, this resulted in being left with spinal stenosis and continued problems with back pain and severe sciatica.

I heard of the new BEMER therapy and decided that I would give it a try. After just a couple of sessions I started to get relief and then saw a remarkable improvement with my problem.

I was so impressed with this therapy I have purchased my own BEMER and continue to have remarkable results.

Vernon, Northampton

Since I purchased my BEMER mat and pad a month ago, I have been using them regularly and have noticed increased energy and less joint pain than before. My muscles work more efficiently and I have been getting around easier than for the last 2 years. I love It!

Elissa, Rugby

I was referred to the hospital by my Doctor in August 2018 because I had a dull ache in my left calf and spasms from my knee down to my left foot. 

After having a Vascular Doppler test at Daventry hospital mid Aug 18 I was diagnosed with Peripheral Vascular disease in my left leg. 

I signed up for a course of BEMER vascular therapy sessions with Steve and Carla at The Health Pod early September and within nine (9) sessions I started to feel relief of my symptoms. Over time the feeling came back in my calf and my symptoms diminished. 

On 25th October 2018 I had a follow up Vascular Doppler test and my Consultant Vascular Surgeon told me that I no longer had any blockages or narrowing of the blood vessels and I’m now discharged from the hospital.

I am very happy and relieved that my BEMER sessions have had such an effect in such a short time. I will continue with the sessions to assist my overall general health, fitness and energy. 

Terry, Daventry

A friend recommended BEMER vascular therapy to me so I thought I would give it a try. I didn’t have any particular medical concerns, just a few aches. I was more interested in looking after my health.

At first I was sceptical about the therapy but after sitting in the chair for 8 minutes, it changed my mind about how I felt about it.

During the session on the mat I felt a pulsing sensation in all areas of my body. I also felt the same feeling when using the spot and the pad. After having a couple of demonstrations, the box and applicators were easy to use.

Since using the BEMER I have felt a lot more energetic and I have stopped taking the over-the-counter medication that I was regularly using.

I was surprised the therapy was so simple and how quickly I noticed a difference – it took only a few sessions to feel the difference.

I would definitely recommend anyone to pop down to The Health Pod and have a free session. You’ll be surprised.

Rob, Daventry

Just writing to say thank you very much for the BEMER session. I am absolutely blown away by the improvement of my leg.

When you asked me how it was I just thought that it felt a bit warmer but when I came to walk on it I realised just how much better it was. The pain and tightness near the site of the wound had gone and my knee felt a lot better. I really feel amazed – I didn’t think the BEMER could achieve such immediate results and I hadn’t realised just how very bad the pain had become or how much better I would feel when it was taken away.

Sue, Daventry

A colleague of mine suggested I tried BEMER Therapy as he knew that I had a bad back. I am always up for trying new ideas.

I got instant relief from using the B-Spot and the continued use of the spot and mat is making a big improvement in discomfort levels and is also making a big difference when used to warm up before golf.

It is very easy to use the ‘magic box’ that sends electro magnetic pulses throughout your body. For my wife and myself this has had unbelievable instant results.

Mark, Northamptonshire

I first heard of BEMER Therapy through a friend and decided to try it as I have Transverse Myelitis which is inflammation of the spinal cord, which left me paralysed from T6 level down 18 years ago.

I wanted to try it to boost my overall health and improve my circulation as being a wheelchair user limits my activity.

I had never tried anything like this before, but am open to natural therapies.  I also wanted to try to stop being dependant on some prescription medications.

When I first tried the 8 minute session on the mat, I didn’t really feel anything.  However, now I do get a tingling sensation in my legs, which is good as I normally have no feeling in my legs.  I use the mat with the pad across my tummy and chest alternately.  I have found that this has helped prevent infections which I suffered from regularly before.

I feel energised and refreshed when I use it in the mornings and would say that it definitely lifts my mood and I would recommend it to others and describe it as a good investment  in your overall health.

Mrs N, Northamptonshire

After suffering 40 years with joint issues and poor circulation the difference the BEMER has made to my health, mobility and quality of life has been truly wonderful.

Dorothy, Bridlington

The BEMER was recommended to me by a friend who has a very bad back. After using the BEMER Classic for a few weeks I noticed more energy and relief of the discomfort in my troublesome joints. I wondered whether my irritated joints had calmed down so stopped using the BEMER. Within a few days the joints were causing discomfort again. I now use the Bemer regularly to good effect.

Kelvin, South Yorkshire

I gave BEMER Therapy a try last season after getting injured while playing softball.  I had gone to several chiropractic sessions and then physical therapy but the pain and stiffness were not improving and I was not able to sleep.  After the very first BEMER session I felt improvement, and after scheduling five more the pain was gone!  When I returned to Wisconsin the minor aches and pains gradually returned so I decided to become the proud owner of my very own BEMER.  I have used it every day since and I am pain free and sleeping like a baby. 


I am in my 7th week of therapy. Overall, I feel better after the sessions: my energy level and circulation have improved and my range of motion, of not severely affected joints, has been better. Nevertheless, my severely damaged joints, due to my autoimmune systemic disease, have not shown any difference within 7 weeks of therapy.  With improved microcirculation due to Bemer application, my hope is to prevent accelerated joint damage regardless of my advanced age, chronic illness and wear and tear associated with my life style.

M Mitterhauser

I have been suffering with a degenerative spine for several years and since having Bemer sessions regularly from Steve I now have less pain in my neck and back due to less inflammation which was confirmed by my chiropractor who now is able to adjust me easier. I am also experiencing better digestion and improved sleep. Thank you!

Mrs S

After several sessions of Bemer Vascular Therapy, I sleep better, my core strength improved and I feel stronger and without pain now.